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Summary #5

EDITORIAL by Jordi Guixé, Director of EUROM


Denial: Thoughts on a Movie, Memories of a Trial, by Richard J. Evans

The Fascist Destruction of Legality. Then and Now, by Federico Finchelstein


Annette Wieviorka: “The writing of history is only a matter of democracy”


Memories of Communism in Europe, by Marie-Claire Lavabre

Memory Laws in Europe: What Common Horizon Are We Journeying Towards?, by Sébastien Ledoux


East Germany: Part of Germany Since 1990, by Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk

Srebrenica: No One Believed Us, by Emir Suljagić

Guatemala: The Infamous Laboratory of the United States, by Gustavo Meoño Brenner


Finding Friends in Glass Houses, by Nuraini Juliastuti and Carine Zaayman

An Indelible Tribute: Inscribing the Names of the Victims of Franco’s Regime in History, by Vanesa Garbero

La asignatura pendiente. La memoria histórica democrática en los libros de texto escolares [The Failed Subject. Democratic Historical Memory in School Textbooks], by David González


Argentine Memory for the World, by Alejandra Naftal

The History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, by Elma Hašimbegović

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