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Summary #3

EDITORIAL by Jordi Guixé, Director of EUROM


Tourism and places of memory: exploring the political side of tourism and the spatial dimension of memory, by Anne Hertzog

Memory of Tomorrow, by Piotr M. A. Cywiński

Predappio and the memory of the dictatorship, by Marcello Flores & Carlo Giunchi


Multidirectional Memory on focus, interview with Michael Rothberg


The dispute over the past. Political transition and memory wars in Italy, from the crisis of the First Republic until the present day, by Filippo Focardi

Debating Communism at the European institutions, by Laure Neumayer


The art project as a tool for reflection on historical memory and genocide, by Montse Morcate

Colonial Memories and National Memories: An Uneasy Encounter between Africa and Europe, by Celeste Muñoz

“Hashtag Memory Activism“: Online Commemorations and Online Memory Activism, by Orli Fridman

Lenin’s Mausoleum: A Haunted House on Red Square, by Siobhan Kattago

Memorial Monuments as Leftovers of the Socialist Yugoslav Past, by Aleksandar Jakir


The transmission of memory in the struggle for justice: The silence of the others, by David González

Twenty-three and a half. Hrant Dink Site of Memory, by Oriol López

Left-wing Melancholia, by Ricard Conesa

Lipa’s commitment. The Memorial Centre “Lipa Remembers”, by Carlota Sánchez Vidal


Tourists are just students from somewhere else… The Museum of Free Derry, by Adrian Kerr

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