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Emerging Approaches: Communications

Axis 1: Laws and politics of the past

Rapporteur: Maria Chiara Bianchini

Doctor in contemporary history and American studies by the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, her main area of reaserch is the expressions of the memory (s) in urban spaces and places. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of History of the Catholic University of Chile and develops a comparative work on urban heritage and memory in Chile and Spain.

Axis 2: Memory and Transmission

Rapporteur Marije Hristova

Master’s Degree in History by the University of Groningen (NL), Master in Hispanic Literature from the University of Amsterdam (NL), and doctor (cum laude) by the University of Maastricht (NL). She has been Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute of Language, Literature and Anthropology of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (ILLA-CSIC, Madrid, ES) and is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the UNREST project: Unsettling Remembering and Social Cohesion in Transnational Europe in the same institute. She is also a researcher at the Subtierro project led by Francisco Ferrándiz (CCHS-CSIC).

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