Report | Reparation for colonialism and slavery in Spain


This report stems from the “Trans-Atlantic Racial Redress Network” project, an initiative that emerged from the “African-American Redress Network” project led by Columbia University (NY) and the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center of Howard University, which aims to map and promote reparations for people, families or groups who suffer or have suffered from historical racial injustices in the United States. 

There was an attempt to reproduce and adapt the project, initially conceived for the US context, to the European context, in a collaboration that started in 2021 between the NIOD Institute and The European Observatory on Memories, with mappings for the Dutch and Spanish cases. A first report emerged from this collaboration, which was presented with others in 2022 in the Historical Dialogues conference, held in Amsterdam and, subsequently, in the second conference on historical justice and colonialism, “Repairing the past”, held in Barcelona in October 2022.

The initial report provided a work base and a preliminary methodology that EUROM has decided to continue to develop through a second, more comprehensive and detailed report. Our aspiration is that this second report will become a solid and accessible work base for the public. On the one hand, it seeks to raise awareness about reparation issues related with colonialism and slavery, which remain current political and social phenomena. On the other hand, we seek to promote the collaboration and expansion of the results, making this report available to society.

This report presents an updated version of the categories and some methodological adjustments, as well as both a qualitative and quantitative expansion of the results. In the original document, 23 initiatives were briefly examined, and this new edition expands the research to 46 initiatives. In addition, this version provides more exhaustive and detailed descriptions and documentation for each of the initiatives, including links to resources to facilitate a greater understanding of each case.

Dissemination campaign “Remember Slavery”

Full Report (PDF)

Project coordination: Celeste Muñoz and Oriol Lopez
Data collection:Celeste Muñoz, Sarai Martín, Marc Riu and María Pereira

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