Gobierno de Navarra


The General Directorate for Peace, Coexistence and Human Rights of Navarre was created in 2015. The Government of Navarra incorporates into its administrative structure the policies aimed at the memory, the rights of victims, and the promotion of Human Rights and a culture of peace and coexistence.

The GD, framed in the Department of Citizen Relations, has the objective of coexistence, promoting, among others, the following lines of action:

  • Attention to historical memory, in relation to the violations of human rights, exerted on the citizens of Navarra as a consequence of the military coup of 1936.
  • Attention to the victims of the terrorism of ETA and other groups, both in their assistance and compensation needs, as well as in the work of preserving their memory and the injustice of the damage caused.
  • Attention to victims of politically motivated acts caused by extreme right-wing groups and public officials.
  • The establishment of guarantees of non-repetition, so that the violations of Human Rights produced cannot occur again.
  • The promotion of a culture of peace, respect, and coexistence that anticipates the appearance of new social fractures between citizens of different ideologies, creeds, beliefs, or opinions. Respect for plurality and diversity.

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