International Symposium Traumatic past, history and collective memory in the digital society

25 Oct - 26 Oct
All day

  • Organized by the project HISMEDI of the University Carlos III of Madrid, this symposium aims to bring together experts who address the challenges and opportunities of digital history projects for the period 1936-1975, the role of new technologies and media on the transmission, dissemination and circulation of traumatic past, as well as the contribution of social players to history and memory

Conflicts that took place during the 20th century in European societies due to the rise of political exclusion movements such as Nazism, Fascism, Francoism and Stalinism have had long-lasting effects, namely in countries that have not implemented measures to foster the knowledge of those traumatic periods through remembrance and democratic culture policies.

In Spain, the Civil War and Franco鈥檚 regime are the bases on which history and the collective memory of a violent past are present. Information technologies, social media and transmedia resources have enabled the emergence of multiple players that contribute to the dissemination of history in a way that goes beyond the academic world, moving to the digital arena, to a collective memory that shares memories and digital resources as a huge network with different goals, amongst them, to protest.

University Carlos III of Madrid
Biblioteca de Humanidades
Edificio 18
Sala Multiusos, 18.0.B.14

Contact: [email protected]



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