Memories of Confinement – Barceloneta

In July 2020, with the collaboration of the Barceloneta House 1761 and the Baró de Viver Civic Center, the EUROM collected a series of testimonies about the experience of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is part of the initiative Memories of confinement promoted by the Barcelona Municipal Archiveand the Department of Democratic Memory of the City Council.

The playlist is composed of two videos (15′ each) compiling citizens’ interviews about the lockdown in the neighborhoods of La Barceloneta and Baró de Viver.

Catalan and Spanish with English subtitles.


  • Luís Monzón, Barceloneta Alerta Association
  • Julia Arcos, neighbor
  • Àngels Miñana, neighbor
  • Aurora García, neighbor
  • Teresa Albiol, fishmonger
  • Pau Huguet, fisherman

Project’s team

  • Direction: Oriol López Badell
  • Production: Jesús Floro, David Sayas

Technical team

  • Direction: Carolina Astudillo
  • Camera and audio: Maximiliano Martínez
  • Video edit: José Nicolás Álvarez

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