Full video: Beyond the wall | 30th anniversary of the German Reunification

The documentary Hin und Her (From Here to There), co-directed by Stefanie Kremser and Margrit Kule, was the starting point for a collective reflection proposed by the EUROM and the Goethe Institute Barcelona to remember the 30th anniversary of the German integration. Shot between 1989 and 1990, the film consists of a series of interviews with anonymous characters who had fled the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in the 1980s. It was subtitled in Spanish for this occasion.

After the screening, actor Àlex Brendemühl and the guitar player Nora Buschmann joined Kremser for a discussion on the causes and consequences of the reunification in their lives. The three artists of German origin were born after the construction of the wall and met in Barcelona many years after this story.

The debate was moderated by the EUROM coordinator Oriol López, and gave rise to personal memories about the social and political conflicts that triggered the integration process, as well as the contradictory feelings that are still present in nowadays Germany regarding the reunification. The act was live-streamed and ended up with a performance of music and readings by Nora Buschmann and Alex Brendemühl.

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