Rap for memories

Urban art and remembrance

Since 2020, the EUROM and the popular school Versembrant join efforts with the High School of Art La Industrial of Barcelona to raise awareness of Europe’s recent past through rap music and urban art.

The project “Rap for memories” gathers, each year, a group of first-year students in a series of workshops of rap music and graffiti carried out by the team of Versembrant in collaboration with teachers of different disciplines. These activities aim to reflect on coexistence, tolerance, human rights, and social justice while exploring the intersection of urban art and personal and collective memories. The outputs of each edition include a collection of rap songs, a collective mural painting project in the exterior wall of La Model former prison, and a short documentary video with the reflections of students, teachers and team involved in the activities.

The project is supported the City Council of Barcelona with the collaboration of Montana Colors, and is co-funded by the programme Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values of the European Union (CERV).

About the partners

Versembrant is a traveling popular school, a project that aims to raise the critical awareness of young people, through urban art and hip hop. They develop workshops of rap, artistic production, and visual arts on racism, xenophobia, sexism, and now also on memories, aspiring to put aesthetics at the service of criticism.

La Industrial School of Art is a municipal public centre located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample (within the premises of the Industrial School) where visual arts and design studies are carried out. Its main objective is to train in theoretical and practical knowledge, fostering the creative and conceptual capacity of students, as well as providing them with the essential tools to develop a future professional task. Learning takes place in specialized workshops and classrooms with the presence of experienced teachers. The School is open to the environment and is in contact both with the movements and artistic events of the moment, as well as with the current professional sector that is linked to it.
Montana Colors  (Barcelona, 1994) is the most famous spray-painting manufacturer in the world.

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