Observatori de la Vida Quotidiana (OVQ)


The Observatori de la Vida Quotidiana (OVQ) [Daily Life Observatory] is an assembly-based, independent and interdisciplinary cultural entity that has been working since 2003 for international cooperation in development and social transformation through socio-cultural research projects, visual arts, dissemination and community action. Its aim is to promote transversality, awareness and political advocacy throughout inclusive methodologies,  teamwork and collaborative dynamics with other people, entities and institutions, both locally and internationally.

OVQ works on cultural and educational projects based on participatory historical and ethnographic research that is formalized in books, documentaries, exhibitions, web pages, pedagogical projects and community mediation / revitalization programs. In recent years, the organization’s tasks revolve around 5 lines of intervention:

1) Solidarity and international cooperation;

2) The neighborhood memory of the popular neighborhoods of Barcelona;

3) The denunciation of the Catalan and Spanish colonial past;

4) Contemporary migrations;

5) Citizen struggles for social transformation.

OVQ actively collaborates with the Research Group on Social Exclusion and Control (GRECS) of the University of Barcelona, the Fundació Solidaritat UB (FSUB) and with several international projects such as the Cities in the XXI Century International University Program of the SIT, the decolonial network Latitude of the Goethe-Institut, the European Observatory on Memories (EUROM), or the Laboratory of Visual Sociology in Genoa.


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