Can Jonch. Culture Center for Peace. Ajuntament de Granollers


On 31 May 1938 Granollers suffered one of the bloodiest bombings over the civilian population in Catalan territory. 224 people were killed. The city would suffer more bombardements on January 1939, but none would be so bloody as the first. This tragic event, yet instructive for thinking about memory, dialogue and peace, has profoundly marked the memory of of Granollerins.

For years, Granollers have been working with the desire to strengthen their commitment to the recovery of historical memory and by cultivating the necessary efforts aimed to dialogue and peace. The result of this determination is born the project of creation of the Cultural Centre for Peace, conceived as a resource center for peace, cooperation, solidarity and human rights.

Granollers City Council went to the house of Can Jonch Culture Centre for Peace, according to the Municipal Action Programme 2003-2007. The center has been restored by a land-use plan that was developed through a participatory process.

In the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Granollers – May 31, 1938-2008 – a program of commemorative activities was organized and on May 24, 2008, Can Jonch.Culture Centre for Peace was inaugurated.

Its main goal is to promote a culture of peace in all aspects of civic life:

  • Improving citizen security in influencing the culture of peace as a method of conflict management and encourage the active participation of people in search of more satisfactory solutions.
  • Putting a space at the disposal of citizens and organizations, to solve conflicts between people.
  • To facilitate the task of peace education in schools and families, promoting education programs for peace and human rights.
  • Participate actively in the European and global networks of municipalities that are committed to human rights and peace building.
  • Establish coordination with organizations that promote the culture of peace.
  • Cooperate in promoting awareness and cooperation projects related to human rights and overcoming injustice.
  • Working for the recovery of historical memory, promoting and participating in the work of recovery of historical memory, linked to the Spanish Civil War and the bombing of Granollers.
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