Europe Exposed

25 Jun - 27 Jun
All day

The House of European History invited experts from various disciplines and countries to reflect on and discuss the European narrative of its permanent exhibition. The event will start with a public lecture by British historian Professor Norman Davies, author of “Europe: A History” and member of the Academic Committee of the HEH. It will be followed by a two-day conference that will emphasize the communication and learning strategies of the HEH, as well as the musealization of the European narrative into a contemporary exhibition.

Taking the HEH as an example, academic and museum experts from different countries are invited to:

  • Discuss the complexity, challenges, methodology, possibilities, and risks of building a museum of European history in current Europe
  • Evaluate the solutions chosen by the HEH team, in lught of contemporary museological thinking and developments
  • Gather proposals, suggestions and recommendations for ways in which the European perspective could be applied on national, regional and local levels, and for further development of the HEH.

The conference has been structured around three main topics that will be addressed during parallel interactive workshops:

  • Constructing European history, focusing on the genesis and the narrative of the HEH
  • Making the House, focusing on the musealisation of the HEH narrative, its interpretation and collection
  • Communicating the HEH, focusing on the museum as a place for the public

The director of EUROM, Jordi Guixé, will participate in the parallel workshop “Challenges and solutions (elements for disucussion)”, linked to the first strand “Constructing European history”. He will share the table with Simina Bădică (Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest), Kieran Burns (University of Leicester) and Wlodzimierz Borodziej (University of Warsaw).


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