Victòria, the irreductible. Victòria Pujolar Amat

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Victoria Pujolar Amat was an anti-fascist and anti-Francoist fighter, committed to the republican values of solidarity, democracy, and freedom, a mother of four children who, in her life journey, went through wars and revolutions, prison and exile. As a female voice at the independent radio station ‘La Pirenaica’, she fought for a more just world and kept fidelity to her ideas and her artistic vocation.

The journalist Elvira Altés Rufias has published her biography and will present it on February 03, 2023, in an act organized by collaboration the Association of Former Political Prisoners of Francoism in collaboration with the EUROM.

About the author

Elvira Altés Rufias (Barcelona) is a feminist journalist, professor of journalism, and researcher specializing in communication and gender. From 2001 to 2009 she was director of the Women’s magazine of the Association of Women Journalists of Catalonia, an organization of which she was a founding member and which she chaired from 2001 to 2003. Her research has served as the basis for denouncing the sexist representation of women in the media and the lack of female representation. Feminine and masculine stereotypes are models that are strengthened or weakened by the everyday experience of women and men, and the media usually reproduce and spread social stereotypes without first questioning them, denounces Altés. In addition, women are often identified by their first names or as anonymous people in the news. Seduction, beauty, and physical attractiveness are the three graces identified with the feminine heritage.

In 2014 he carried out the study Protagonists and journalists in the media of the Balearic Islands, commissioned by Ayuda en Acción with recommendations to advance equality between men and women in the media of communication.  In 2022 she was curator of the Year Victoria Pujolar Amat and signed the contents of an exhibition dedicated to the Spanish painter and anti-Francoist activist.



Feb 03, 2023


Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas
C/ Dolors Masferrer i Bosch 33-35
Les Corts – Barcelona

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