The stork of Burgos

  • In the framework of the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic, the EUROM and the Platform Future Monument of the former women prison of Les Corts jointly organize a cineforum to reflect on this commemoration throughout the movie “The storck of Burgos” (2021);
  • The cineforum will count with the participation of the film director, Joana Conill, and will be introduced by Montse Torras, a member of te Catalan Association of Former Political Prisoners of the Franco regime;
  • Organized with the support of the Council of Democratic Memory of Barcelona as part of the programme Republican Spring.



The director of the film is a teenager when, after the funeral of her father, she reads the life of the deceased in the newspapers. “Why don’t I know about this?”

Daughter of an anarchist convicted of terrorism during the Franco dictatorship and affiliated with the communist party during his imprisonment, a party for which he would later become councilor in Barcelona during the first democratic legislatures in Spain, Joana Conill understands that her father, a companion of games and adventures, decided not to tell her a part of his life.


While making the film, the daughter learnt to be a film director, like when she was a little girl and played mystery games with her father, in a trip to the land of memory where the pieces never fit.

If memory is impossible, what prompts us to search?


Distribution contact: Distribution with Glasses

La Cigüeña de Burgos


April 14


  • Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas
    Carrer de Dolors Masferrer, 33, 35
    08028 – Les Corts – Barcelona
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