The memory of the periphery: Ateneu 9 Barris

Murs de Bitàcola (Log Walls)
  • The memory of the periphery is a mural by Roc Blackblock within the project Murs de Bitàcola (Log Walls) that gets inspiration in a picture by Kim Manresa (Arxiu Històric de Roquetes Nou Barris) portraying the huts of Santa Engràcia, now Plaça Angel Pestanya, Roquetes-Nou Barris, Barcelona;
  • The artistic wall links to independent research on the neighborhood struggles for basic rights to housing, health, education, transport, sewerage, over the last 50 years conducted by the historian Joan Roger Goncé
  • Murs de Bitàcola is a joint project led by Roc Blackblock with the collaboration of EUROM and OVQ.

Background information

Nou Barris is and has been for more than fifty years a nucleus of neighborhood resistance, of fighting for the dignity of its inhabitants and of organizing to achieve such basic rights as housing, health, education, transport, or sewer. These demands have been achieved thanks to long and hard struggles, which have not ceased, and continue with the aim of continuing to improve the community life of these neighborhoods on the northern outskirts of Barcelona.





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