The efficacy of memorialisation after terrorism

  • During this online event, Dr. Ana Milosevic will present the policy brief on the memorialisation of terrorist attacks and the exhibition “When time stood still“;
  • The event will include the participation of some of the experts and victims that she interviewed during the research process for this one-year project co-funded by the Open Society Foundations;
  • The live streaming will take place on February 8th from 10 am to 12 pm on our Youtube Channel, live chat will be open for Q&A.


10 am
Introduction by Oriol López Badell, EUROM coordinator

10.10 am- 12 pm

Moderated by the historian David Gonzalez Vazquez, project manager (EUROM).

“This research has a clear policy impact that can support management of the long-term consequences of a terrorist attack more efficiently. As such, it is highly relevant to the needs of the victims of terrorism and their families, decision makers and the general public. To effectively gauge the ways in which the victims can be memorialised, this project assessed current practices, needs and expectations of key actors, and provided a detailed account of the post-terror memorialisation process in the EU.”





Feb 8, 2022



Other Institutions Involved

  • Open Society Foundations
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