Our Memories and I

Project on Youth, remembrance, and creativity

  • The aim of Our memories and I is to nourish art and artistic expression as innovative pedagogical methodologies for the acquisition of history and memory with the purpose to develop new skills and communication tools that allow knowledge to go beyond schools and local settings;
  • Social inclusion, promotion of diversity, and mutual understanding are the most important goals and challenges for the educational institutions involved in this project, co-funded by Erasmus + and coordinated by the European Observatory on Memories – Fundació Solidaritat UB. 
 Our Memories and I - Erasmus +

In its first year, this project will have for its objective to raise the awareness of the pupils about the notion of “memory”. Research based on the idea of personal and individual experience should lead to publications in each school. These publications may be of interest for different memorial sites, including sites which are not involved in the current project.

In parallel, a collective workshop will be undertaken with the pupils from the four countries involved in the project. Guided by the artist Roman Kroke, it will result in leading the youngsters towards a higher level of understanding and analysis. The goal of this work will be to enable young people to acquire knowledge about history and memories behind the memorial places they have chosen to work on. Then they will be asked to cross this knowledge with their own personal experiences. Finally, pupils will be encouraged to transcend this gap by producing their own personal work of art.

Afterwards they will have the opportunity to think about and analyze the work they produced as well as to take part in written expression workshops. In each country the works of art will be exhibited in public places. All of the works will then be included in a common catalogue. These workshops will be held throughout the two year period.

Different stages of the project should enable students to give their opinion on the pertinence of what is offered by the memorials and remembrance sites visited and experienced over the two-year period. The structures in question are convinced that by the end of the two-year period the students, although they may not become real experts, will certainly become partners well worth listening to, able to help the structures themselves renew and improve their educational resources from an innovative point of view and better adapt the content of the programs that the memorials offer.

Indeed we hope to see pupils showing greater interest in their school work and thus reduce the risk of youth dropping out the school system early. The idea of raising the awareness of pupils about the importance of European citizenship is at the very heart of our project.


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