Discovering what has been silenced: Teaching about the Italian participation in the Civil War and the experience of the bombings

Workshop | Memory of Bombings 2023

This workshop is the result of the development of a stable work space integrated by several researchers and institutions from Spain and Italy that seek to reflect on the memory of the Italian participation in the bombings of towns and cities during the Spanish Civil War. It aims to improve knowledge on this matter and to address the issue of reparations and recognition. After a first meeting in Gernika in 2022, this workshop is now open for teachers and other professionals working with the didactics of the social sciences throughout a collaboration with the Institute of Professional Development of the University of Barcelona.

Programme (PDF)


  • Provide theoretical tools and knowledge to teachers about the Civil War, the experience of the bombings and the Italian participation in the conflict
  • Generate a specific knowledge space around the Italian participation in the Civil War and the impact of the air bombings
  • Offer diverse pedagogical experiences developed by professionals and institutions that can be implemented in the classroom
  • Bringing together local perspectives in the teaching of history and social sciences
  • Promote immersive experiences through visits to memory spaces in each city
  • Recognize the forgotten and the importance of memory in the teaching of history
  • Promote future lines of pedagogical work around the subject


This workshop will be developed in a hybrid format, and the methodological approach consists of two main axes:

  • Two theoretical and practical sessions lasting two and three hours each. In these sessions, practical and theoretical pedagogical tools will be offered to address the history of the bombings and Italian participation in the Spanish Civil War and, in particular, the local impact of the bombings in the cities of Barcelona and Granollers
  • Guided and reasoned visits to the memory spaces related to the bombings in Granollers, offering the teaching staff the possibility of implementing this activity

At the end of the course, the attendees are asked to deliver a reflective synthesis of the seminar.


Ramon Arnabat (Rovira i Virgili University); Ginés Puente (Jaume I University) Joan Garriga (historian); Montse Armengou (journalist); Carlo Greppi (University of Turin); Gemma Bigi (n Istoreco – historical institute of Reggio Emilia); Carlo Ridolfi (RETE Cultural Association of Educational Cooperation); Valentina Certo (RETE Cultural Association of Educational Cooperation); Anna Pastor (Route to Exile); Toni Orensanz (Journalist and writer); Josep Casanovas (University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia); Idoia Orbe (Peace Museum of Gernika); Ana Laura Bertero (Architect); Axel Baget (historian) and Morreres; Marta Trill Gutiérrez (historian); Ida Mauro (University of Barcelona).


Teaching staff in the social sciences’ speciality area of ESO and Baccalaureate.

The registration is free and there are 50 places available.

Information and inquiries
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+34 934035172

Civilian under bombs 2023

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Organized by the EUROM – University of Barcelona’s Solidarity Foundation, Town Hall of Granollers – Can Jonch Culture Center for Peace, and the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation. In collaboration with IDP-ICE (UB), Istoreco  (Institute for the History of Resistance and Contemporary Society – Province of Reggio Emilia), RETE Cultural Association of Educational Cooperation, L’Altra Memoria Association, and ISOCAC-Rovira i Virgili University. Co- funded by the programme Citizens, Equality Rights and Values of the European Commission.

Civilians under bombs 2023, by euromemories


This activity is co-financed by the European Commission and for its evaluation we kindly ask your collaboration in filling out this survey. It will take about 10 minutes, and you will need the information indicated below. Thank you very much!

  • Reference of the Project: 101104202
  • Kind of activity: Training
  • Title: Civilians under bombings
  • Date of the activity: 30/11/20203
  • Duration of the event in days: 2
  • In Person
  • Barcelona and Granollers




November 30 - December 1, 2023


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