Memorial March “La Retirada”

From Málaga to the Pyrenees | Second edition

The Memorial March “From Málaga to the Pyrenees” pays homage to two major events related to the Spanish Civil War that occurred in 1937 and in 1939. The first event is known as La Desbandá, and refers to the attack perpetuated by the Francoist forces over the column of almost 300,000 people fleeing the war on the road Malaga-Almeria between Ferbuary 6 and 8,1937. Most survivors took refuge in Catalonia, and by the end of the war, between January 26 and March 1939, undertook the retreat to France, in the massive fled known as La Retirada.

The homage is organized by the Socio-Cultural and Hicking Association “La Desbandá” in collaboration with the Catalan Association of Political Ex-Prisoners of the Franco regime, the Amical of Former Guerrillas of Catalonia, the Amical of the International Brigades, the Historical Memory Research Group of Mataró, the Memorial du Camp d’Argelès sur Mer, and the EUROM.


April 2-6, 2024
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