Images of the Revolutions of 1968

6th International Conference on History and Cinema
  • The research center Film-Història of the Faculty of History and Geography of the University of Barcelona organizes the 6th Conference on History and Cinema addressing the images of the revolutions of 1968.
  • The programme counts on the collaboration of EUROM and the Center for International History Studies and will take place at the University of Barcelona from July 18 to 20, 2018.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of May 68, the 6th International Congress on History and Cinema proposes an approach to such crucial events as the French May, the Prague Spring, the Slaughter in the Plaza of the Three Cultures of Tlatelolco in Mexico City, the murder of Martin Luther King or the emergence and consolidation of new movements and forms of protest and counterculture.

The programme aims to bring together the perspectives and views of researchers from the most diverse fields such as History, Communications, Film, Journalism, Music, Visual Arts, Philosophy, Literature, Photography or Social Sciences, among others, with a special emphasis on the images that documented these events and that, to a large extent, shaped the current world.


John Mraz (Universidad Autónoma de Puebla)
Tlatelolco, the square of the Three Cultures: 68’s movements in Mexico

András Lénárt (University of Szeged)
Prague Spring and the Eastern European countries

Antonio Pantoja (Universidad de Extremadura)
Echos of 1968: cinema and social movements

Carles Santacana (Universitat de Barcelona)
The influence of 68 in Catalonia. Cultural and sociopolitical aspects

Scientific Comite

Teresa Abelló (Universitat de Barcelona) – Gloria Camarero (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) – Josep Maria Caparrós (Universitat de Barcelona) – Jordi Casassas (Universitat de Barcelona) – Jordi Guixé (EUROM) – Beatriz de las Heras (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) – Ángel Luis Hueso (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela) – Antonio Pantoja (Universidad de Extremadura) – Maria Lluïsa Pujol (Fundació Aula de Cinema Josep M. Queraltó) – Carles Santacana (Universitat de Barcelona) – Antoni Segura (CIDOB).


Andreu Mayayo and Magí Crusells

Registration Fees

Papers: 95 euros
Researchers: 55 euros
General: 115 euros

The organization will provide a certificate of attendance with recognition of credits at the University of Barcelona and the Department of Education and the equivalency of 20 hours.

For further information, please address an email to [email protected]


Cartell congrés

With the suport of                                                                                               


July 18-20, 2018


Other partners

  • CEHI – Centre d’Estudis Històrics Internacionals
  • Film-Història
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