Memory and present of the far right in Italy and Spain

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The recent election results in the Parliament of Catalonia, held on May 12, reveal an increase in support for the extreme right. This surge echoes similar trends observed in other parts of Europe and of the world, raising concerns about the political and social implications of this shift.

This debate organized by NOVACT with the collaboration of the EUROM will bring together distinguished experts to delve into the historical and current dynamics of far-right movements in Italy and Spain, examining the main aspects of their rise, influence, and broader societal impacts. The event is part of the SolRem project, a European civil society initiative that promotes awareness of the history of resistance and solidarity against far-right authoritarianism in Portugal, Spain, Romania, Italy and Finland.

Panel of Experts

Alba Sidera
Alba Sidera is the Rome correspondent for Punt Avui and a seasoned journalist specializing in far-right movements. She has contributed to several media outlets including La Directa, Ctxt, and Mè A member of the Ramon Barnils Group of Journalists, Alba is also the author of the acclaimed book Persistent Fascism: X-ray of Matteo Salvini’s Italy (Saldonar, 2020).

Gloria Zuccaro
Gloria Zuccaro, a professor and anthropologist at the University of Palermo, specializes in migrations, hate speech, and social intervention. As the coordinator of Palermo SAI, she supports unaccompanied minors and has actively engaged in combating poverty, homelessness, and assisting migrants through her work with Centro Diaconale La Noce – Istituto Valdese.

Bernat Aragó
Bernat Aragó is a project technician at NOVACT, focusing on the prevention of violent conflicts. He has conducted the research titled “How the Extreme Right Filters into Nou Barris,” which examines the causes behind the electoral support for the extreme right in Barcelona’s North Zone and suggests measures to enhance social cohesion.

Antonio Trenas
Antonio Trenas is a dedicated social and neighborhood activist from Nou Barris. As a member of the Taula Oberta Trinitat Nova, he has contributed to the research as Bernat Aragó, aiming to fortify the community fabric and pursue community management of the Casal de Barrio de Trinidad Nueva.

Moderation: Fernanda Zanuzzi, journalist (EUROM)

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Memòria i Present de l'Extrema Dreta a Itàlia i Espanya


May 30, 2024 | 6,30 pm
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