Dictatorial symbology, art and public space

International seminar

Every form of power creates a symbolic universe in order to transmit a message, a story, a memory that legitimizes it. However, when the hands on power change or when a new political system is created, the symbols that have been captured in public space, whether in the form of monuments or buildings, become ruins of a past that no longer exists, although their traces endure.

What to do with those traces and symbols? How have other countries faced this issue? How to make memories last – or not – in the public space? The comparative vision of this problem, together with the new answers that come from art forms, will be the axes that will guide this one-day seminar, organized together with the Government of Navarre.

CARTEL Jornadas JUNIO 2017



June 1, 2017


Calle de Santo Domingo, 47
31001 Pamplona, Navarra, Navarra


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