Deconstructing Francoism (Navarre)

Democratization of public space. Withdrawl of symbols.
  • The installation “Deconstructing Francoism” will be displayed in Pamplona to take stock of the program to withdraw Francoist symbology from streets and public spaces carried out since 2016 by the Government of Navarre;
  • On this occasion, a wood container will showcases a sample of the more than 300 symbols and honorable mentions, a series of photographs and a screen with interactive cartography that allows locating laureate plaques, housing plaques, honors, and distinctions.

The Government of Navarre takes stock of its Program of withdrawal of Francoism symbology through an art installation that will be inaugurated this Thursday, June 13, at the Paseo de Sarasate in Pamplona. “Deconstructing Francoism. The democratization of Public Space. Removal of symbology” is an itinerant exhibition proposed by the European Observatory of Memories of the Solidarity Foundation of the University of Barcelona (EUROM) and the research project Public Art and Memory (HAR2017-84322-P) which aims to analyze and expose how the repressive symbology of Franco has been publicly managed in different parts of Spain. In the case of Navarre, the research has been carried out in collaboration with Navarre Institute of Memory. The exhibition can be visited until June 21 of 2019.

Among the materials exhibited in the Navarrese capital are the originals of some of the more than 300 symbols and honorific mentions that have been removed from public space within the framework of the program. The installation, located inside a wooden container, is complemented by a series of archival photographs illustrating the process of removal of the laureate located on the facade of the Government headquarters until 2018. An interactive map allows geolocation and knowledge good part of the symbology withdrawn in Navarra by City Councils, Councils, and Government since 2016.

PICTURES of the exhibition

Deconstructing Francoism. Democratization of public space. Withdrawl of symbols in Navarre.


June 13 - 21, 2019


Navarra | Pamplona
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