Conflict Heritage

First International Conference

Programme (PDF)

Organized by the City Council of Figueres and the European Observatory of Memories (EUROM) of the University of Barcelona’s Solidarity Foundation, the First International Conference on Conflict Heritage will take place in the town of Figueres from November 10 to 12, 2023. The event relies on the defenisve heritage of this border town to promote a forum for debate and discussion about the complexities of the conflict heritage.

The term Conflict Heritage covers a whole set of typologies and practices linked to existing spaces both in the territory and in other geographical points at an international level. War spaces of all kinds (battlefields, fortifications, rearguard spaces), spaces of repression and reclusion, spaces linked to colonial or slave violence, or spaces related to genocide and crimes against humanity, are some of the most common examples of this numerous and varied heritage. What models exist for its valuation? How do they relate to society and citizens? Are current dissemination strategies effective? Is there enough research and outreach about it? These are some of the many questions to be raised and debated during the conference.


  • Dr. Alfons Martínez Puig
  • Dr. David Gonzalez Vazquez
  • Dr. Jordi Guixé Corominas

Organizing Committee

  • Mrs. Andrea Carrera Brugués
  • Mr. Antoni Rojas Rabaneda
  • Dr. David Iñiguez Gracia
  • Mrs. Fernanda Zanuzzi
  • Mr. Joan Carné Cabré
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Alfaro Gil
  • Dr. Laia Encinar Prat
  • Dr. Laia Gallego Villa
  • Mr. Miquel Serrano Jimenez
  • Mr. Oriol López Badell
  • Dr. Rafael Sospedra Roca
  • Mrs. Silvia Grau Parramon
  • Mrs. Tania González Cantera

Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Anna Maria Puig Griessenberger
  • Dr. Arturo Colorado Castellary
  • His Excellency Mr. Carlos Díaz Capmany
  • Dr. Celeste Munoz Martinez
  • Dr. Céline Sala-Pons
  • Dr. Christian Dürr
  • Dr. Mª Dolors Vidal Caselles
  • Dr. Francesc Xavier Hernandez Cardona
  • Dr. Gemma Domènech Casadevall
  • Mrs. Iratxe Momoitio Astorkia
  • Dr. Jordi Arcos Pumarola
  • Dr. Luciana Rocchi
  • Dr. Maria Feliu Torruella
  • Dr. Maximiliano Fuentes Codera
  • Dr. Núria Ricart Ulldemolins
  • Dr. Ricard Conesa Sánchez
  • Dr. Saida Palou Rubio
  • Dr. Xavier Rubio Campillo

Cover image: Bombing of Figueras in February 1939. National Library of Spain


November 10-12, 2023
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